South-south itineraries: Alternative routes for mutual learning between Latin America and Southeast Asia

Listen to the talk here

Tuesday 01 October 2019 4:30pm to 6:00pm 

Hosted by the Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre

This panel discussion Chaired by SEAC Director Prof. Hyun Bang Shin was an interdisciplinary conversation on the potential of building itineraries of collaborative thinking between Southern contexts, going beyond constraints incurred by Western mediation. Recent developments in the social sciences have pointed towards the need to move beyond the domination of the ‘West’ in knowledge production.

This panel brought together scholars from Latin America and Southeast Asia whose research is rooted in such effort of theorizing “from the South”, addressing the structural power inequalities of knowledge production that tend to exclude the contributions produced by scholars working “in the South”, which are often ignored or lost in translation. While establishing dialogues between regions and across different fields, it emphasised such lost contributions with the aim of exploring potential alternative routes for mutual learning.

The panel was part of the Decolonising the LSE Week, an event that brought together multiple conversations across the LSE and beyond on the challenges of decolonising global higher education.

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