Discovering the archive and colonial connections: In collaboration with LSE Library

In collaboration with the LSE Library, introducing how you can navigate through their online collections and its colonial connections.

About this Event

Come and hear LSE Library’s curators introduce some of the Library’s online collections, how you can find them, and what connections they have to colonial histories and lives.

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About the Speakers

Daniel Payne is the Curator for Politics and International Relations at LSE Library. His background is in librarianship, having joined the Library in 2012 working in a number of roles including research support and as an Academic Support Librarian. He curates public exhibitions, runs workshop using archives, and connects people with the fantastic collections on twentieth century politics and international relations held in the Library’s archives.

Inderbir (Indy) Bhullar is Curator for Economics and Social Policy in LSE Library. He joined the Library along with The Women’s Library in 2013, where he had previously worked as a librarian. He puts on exhibitions, writes blogs and attempts to connect our collections with academics, students and anyone with an interest in finding out more.

Dr Gillian Murphy is the Curator for Equality, Rights and Citizenship at LSE Library. She moved to LSE with the Women’s Library in 2013, where she had worked as an archivist for many years. Gillian promotes the Women’s Library collection and the Hall-Carpenter Archives through exhibitions, talks, blogs and workshops.

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