LSE Solidarity with Palestine

Over 500 individuals from the LSE community, in addition to two groups, have come out in solidarity with Palestine. The staff, student and alumni signatories are signalling a clear rejection of settler colonialism and apartheid, and are making clear demands to LSE to signal its support for Palestinians in their struggle and to end its complicity in the crimes being committed against them. If you are a member of the LSE community, you can still sign the letter here to indicate your support. The full letter and signatories are below.

We, the undersigned LSE faculty, staff and students, stand with the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and liberation, and against the ongoing settler colonialism and apartheid being committed by Israel against Palestinians. We demand an end to all the ways in which LSE is complicit in the crimes Israel is committing.

Conflict, clashes, dispute and many other terms have long been used to describe the settler colonial regime in Palestine. As Palestinian activists and scholars have pointed out for decades, and international organisations have recently recognised, these terms are misleading and problematic as they attempt to present a story of ‘both sides’ and normalise apartheid practices committed by the Israeli state, while glossing over ongoing ethnic cleansing. We reject these narratives that contribute to the dehumanisation of the Palestinian people and are joined by millions around the world when we call for an end to Zionist settler colonialist apartheid.

The most recent atrocities have brought international attention to the most visible forms of oppression and violence that Palestinians are subjected to. The ethnically-based forced expulsions in Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem and desecration of the Holy Sites in the attacks on worshippers in Al Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan and in the Church of Holy Sepulchre on the day of the Holy Fire ceremony, and the merciless bombing of the Gaza Strip are recent manifestations of ongoing violence and dispossession. Palestinian citizens of Israel who have been systematically repressed and discriminated against for decades are today facing unveiled and racist mob attacks and lynching against them for joining the protests with Jerusalem and Gaza. In the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the brutal Israeli military occupation has controlled all aspects of Palestinian life for decades, including natural resources, infrastructure, services, the economy, movement, and even the population registry. Palestinians continue to be dispossessed of their land and homes in the West Bank including Jerusalem to make way for illegal Israeli settlers, in contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention. The Gaza Strip has been subject to a 14-year-long merciless siege, which has wreaked devastation in a variety of ways, including electricity shortages, medicine shortages, widespread poverty, infrastructure collapse, and acute water contamination not to mention an alarming mental health crisis. We recognise these as a continuation of the oppression stemming from Israel’s settler colonialism and apartheid as part of the ongoing Nakba of 1948. The fact that Palestinians live under this constant and systemic Israeli violence undermines the racist narrative of Israeli’s right to self-defence, which does not even value the Palestinian right to life.

Palestine is not a case study for academic investigation but a struggle for justice and liberation. We have a role to engage in scholarly activity to understand the world and the systems that govern it, but that only matters when we centre and elevate the needs and aspirations of communities that are oppressed within those systems. As members of the academic community in the West, we have an obligation to support and amplify Palestinian voices and struggles and their experiences living under settler colonialism. We affirm our faculty, staff and students’ right to self-expression, their right and duty to stand with Palestinians and to amplify their voices, and we condemn any attempt to silence and intimidate them.

Last year, LSE stated that “A commitment to exposing and challenging social evils, like racial inequality, is part of our founding purpose. #BlackLivesMatter”. There was also growth of grassroots movements working towards decolonising our institutions and curricula among other actions. Calls to decolonise academia are void if they remain silent on current colonial dispossession across the globe, and in Palestine in particular at this moment. Condemnation of racial inequality is incomplete if it does not extend it to all forms of racism:  the struggles for liberation are interconnected, as was powerfully demonstrated by the solidarity between protesters in Ferguson and Palestine in 2014. We are therefore disappointed by LSE’s silence on settler colonial violence in Palestine and its recent manifestations, and we find its actions unacceptable. LSE currently invests over £4.5 million in companies that are involved in breaches of international law carried out by the Israeli state towards Palestinians.


1. We call on LSE and all Higher Education institutions to commit to the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), issued by Palestinian academics as part of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. This would ensure that LSE ends its complicity in Israeli crimes and contributes to the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality, by not promoting institutions that contribute to the Israeli oppression of Palestinians, while continuing to uphold LSE’s vital commitment to freedom of expression.

2. On an individual and faculty level, we call on our colleagues active within decolonial initiatives to undertake meaningful decolonial action. We must ensure decolonial research on Palestine conducted by Palestinian scholars is supported and included in the syllabus, especially in disciplines that lack any real engagement with the settler colonial legacy. We must centre and elevate indigenous voices and analyses in teaching and research. We must support students and the wider community in their activism for equality and justice, in Palestine and everywhere else.

3. We call on LSE to provide specialised support for students and staff who are refugees, asylum seekers, or forced migrants. As a starting point, we ask for tangible support for students and staff who are affected by the settler colonialist apartheid violence in Palestine. This includes approving extensions and resits, staff support for assessments, free access to long-term specialised wellbeing support and therapy, and financial support for students who require it.

4. We demand that LSE take a clear position and ends its complicity in Israeli crimes by cutting ties with institutions that contribute to the oppression of Palestinians. First, we demand that LSE issue a statement condemning the apartheid inflicted by Israel on Palestine and Palestinians. Second, we demand that LSE support academics in fulfilling the commitments we outlined above. Third, we demand that LSE end its various unethical investments. These include, but are not limited to, investments in the Israeli banks Bank Leumi Le-Israel (£204,206), Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd (£60,659), Bank Hapoalim BM (£130,051), and Israel Discount Bank (£1,912), which are active in illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land; Airbus (£340,772), Europe’s second largest arms producers, and Elbit (£1,912), Israel’s largest private arms company; and Microsoft (£1,285,208), which has a multi-million dollar investment in AnyVision, whose technology is used in Israeli military checkpoints and in surveillance of the Palestinian population. A full list of LSE’s complicit investments can be found here.

5. We demand that LSE rescind its adherence to the IHRA definition of anti-semitism, adopted in 2017, and which the current Conservative government is pressuring universities to adopt under threat of loss of funding. The IHRA definition falsely conflates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism and has been used to silence and block activism in support of justice in Palestine and curtail free speech. The IHRA fails Jewish students by focusing on criticism of Israel at the expense of the real and pernicious anti-semitism, and by suggesting that Jewish students from all over the world are linked to, or responsible for, the actions or crimes of the Israeli state.

We stand with the Palestinian people in their ongoing freedom struggle, and we are inspired by the Palestinian community in Palestine and all over the world who are rising and who encourage us to fearlessly stand with them. We issue this statement on 19 May 2021, following the Palestinian call for global action to support the general strike in Palestine on 18 May, which was the perfect demonstration of the unified struggle of Palestinians against a single multifaceted oppressive regime.

To add your signature and endorse this statement, please sign below. For academics globally, we would also encourage you to consider signing the Palestine & Praxis letter and call to action (, issued by Palestinian scholars, and supported by thousands of scholars globally.

Group signatories

Decolonise LSE Collective

Decolonise Sociology

Faculty/staff signatories (84)

Muna DajaniMiddle East Centre
Fuad MusallamAnthropology
Bali Birch-LeeStudent Union
Sumi MadhokGender Studies
Lin ChunGovernment
Giulio OngaroAnthropology
John ChalcraftGovernment
Polly WithersMedia and Communications
Julia CorwinGeography and Environment
John SidelGovernment/International Relations
Shakuntala BanajiMedia and Communications
Conor GeartyLaw
Leticia SabsayGender Studies
Jacob BreslowGender Studies
Ayça ÇubukçuHuman Rights/Sociology
Aiko HolvikiviGender
Katharine MillarInternational Relations
Sara SalemSociology
Meghanne BarkerMedia and Communications
David LewisSocial Policy
Martha MundyAnthropology
Fran TonkissSociology
Walaa AlqaisiyaGender studies
Mahvish AhmadSociology
Taif AlkhudaryMiddle East Centre
Nadine AlmanasfiMiddle East Centre
Branwen SpectorAnthropology
Deen Shariff SharpGeography and the Environment
Jack McGinnMiddle East Centre
Lee-Ann SequeiraEden Centre for Education Enhancement
Eleanor JanegaInternational History
Daniele RugoCentre for Women, Peace and Security
Wendy WillemsMedia and Communications
Ram BhatMedia and Communications
Sara Camacho FelixInternational Inequalities Institute
Claire MoonSociology
Sunil KumarSocial Policy
Milli LakeInternational Relations
Jayaraj SundaresanGeography and Environment
Miriam TreshPsychological and Behavioural Science
Myria GeorgiouMedia and Communications
Alison PowellMedia and Communications
Yazan DoughanAnthropology
Omar Al-GhazziMedia and Communications
Romola SanyalGeography and Environment
Lee EdwardsMedia and Communications
Tiziana LeoneInternational Development
Bart CammaertsMedia and Communications
Rebecca ElliottSociology
Becka WhiteGender Studies
Thahmina Begum ThaniyaEden Centre for Education Enhancement
Sonya OnwuLaw
Do Young OhSaw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre
Rida TahirInternational Relations
Akil Scafe-SmithCities
Aisha KherallahGovernment
Daniel PayneLibrary
Paroj BanerjeeGeography
Fadil ElobeidHealth Policy
E SaxeyEden Centre for Education Enhancement
Maya Daver-MassionSchool of Public Policy
Thomas EllisInternational History
Ernestina CoastInternational Development
Bingchun MengMedia and Communications
Austin ZeidermanGeography and Environment
Kasia PaprockiGeography and Environment
Simona IammarinoGeography and Environment
Flora CornishMethodology
Elliott GreenInternational Development
Jean-Christophe PlantinMedia and Communications
Ulises Moreno-TabarezGeography and Environment
Kirsten AinleyCentre for Women, Peace and Security
J. Daniel LutherGender Studies
Paul KirbyInstitute of Global Affairs
Nour AlmazidiGender Studies
Yoshi ShunguSchool of Public Policy
Evelyn PaulsCentre for Women, Peace and Security
Zoe GillardCentre for Women, Peace and Security
Suzanne HallSociology
Rishita NandagiriMethodology
Nicola Degli EspostiInternational Relations
Bruno LeipoldGovernment
Helen MackreathSociology
Seckin Sertdemir OzdemirEuropean Institute

Student signatories (440)

Layth HanbaliHealth Policy
Akriti MehtaMethodology
Konstantina MirtzaniInternational Development
Emerson MurphyPhilosophy
Sushma MahabalaManagement
Zahra AbbudLaw
Maria HarbInternational Development
Marral Shamshiri-FardInternational History
Nancy BretonMethodology
Aaliyah VayezInternational Relations
Rémy TwahirwaSociology
Fatma KhanMedia and Communications
Yasmine KherfiSociology
Lili SchwoererSociology
Nader AndrawosSociology/Human Rights
Buthna AudiHealth Policy
Elín ForsythGeography and Environment
Molly AveryInternational History
Muhammad FarazAnthropology
Hannah SzetoInternational history
Maryam DharasGovernment
Shiza NaveedSociology
Ali IghreizLaw
Katherine ArnoldInternational History
Courtney WangInternational Relations
Abida NoshinPhilosophy Logic and Scientific Method
Olivia O’NeillAnthropology
Ifra ShahSchool of Public policy
Maxwell HammerGovernment
Jacqueline SandsHistory
Niharika PanditGender Studies
Mohamad NassarSchool of Public Policy
Camilo CárdenasStatistics
Ibby AlcraftInternational History
Qasim SulemanAccounting
Maya AderethSociology
Nicolás ArenasSociology
Loubaba El wazirPsychological and Behavioural Science
Salsabel AbuazzaAnthropology
Salaar Ahmad KhanManagement
Huda EmeraanInternational Relations
Alishba SaifAccounting
Toshali SenguptaInternational History
Maryam RehmanGovernment
Sabir AbdullahiLaw
Sohil SalimManagement
Nida RafiqSociology
Kamran IqbalEconomics
Amira LouniciInternational Relations
Sadiya SheikhMathematics
Sahar AnsariSocial Anthropology
Noor Laela RahmanGovernment
Shamila MalikLaw
Sadiya HussainPsychological and Behavioural Science
Matthew LeeSociology
Angbeen AbbasSociology
Valeria BiffiGeography and Environment
Malvina TessitoreSocial Anthropology
Tilly MasonGeography and Environment
Kelly-Jo BluenInternational Relations
Kamakshi AmarGender Studies
Hammad JeilaniInternational Development
Alexandros ZachariadesInternational Relations
Nusaybah Bint-Ziad MannanInternational History
Ernestina CoastInternational Development
Maria PolycarpouLaw
Élise PinasInternational Development
Nafisa Shamim RudmilaInternational Development
Shikha ChopraInternational History
Katie ColesGeography and Environment
Rajaa Saleem SahgalGovernment
Marie-Aminata PeronEuropean Institute
Ariadna Arboli PujolSociology
Leah SilvaHealth Policy
Mouki KambouroglouEuropean Institute
Sarah GoddardInternational Relations
Zakaria BekkaliSchool of Public Policy
Usman AliSociology
Rahim DayaHealth Policy
Jude HeneidiAnthropology
Habiba ParachaSociology
Gillian ChanGovernment
Vivekah DeerpaulGender
Marine DelgrangeHealth Policy
Selma BerradaAccounting
Aini GauharSchool of Public Policy
Martin De DiosSchool of Public Policy
Raihan KarimPhilosophy
Rija KhanLaw
Bernadette OnuegbuHealth Policy
Sophie RyallAnthropology
Aalekh DhaliwalInternational Relations
Dhwani GoelInternational Relations
Abdullahi AbagiraHealth policy
Rachel PontingAnthropology
Emily StantonLaw
Misha IqbalSociology
Lydia SmithSchool of Public Policy
Samia BenkiraneSchool of Public Policy
Amin RawlinsonInternational History
Fatme ArdaliSociology
Rubana IslamGlobal Health
Sachee shahSociology
Shenel MushtaqPhilosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
Bilal VahidySocial Policy
Eleanor ReevesInternational History
Isra SakerHistory
Aysha SarahInternational History
Saadia AhmedGeography and Environment
Hannan BadarPsychological and Behavioural Science
Arham KhanEconomics
Sahar AsifInternational history
Muhammad ZainuddinPsychological and Behavioural Science
Salman KhanManagement
Mallika SavaraLaw
Tarin PashaGovernment
Nazifa AzadInternational Relations
Mohammed AshourStatistics
Saara MusseLaw
Sabeel AlamLaw
Sibba AbdelhadiEconomics
Tanvi SuranaInternational Relations
Risa ChauhanEconomics
Madihah KarimInternational History
Aveline ShekAnthropology
Jessica NgManagement
Emilia SparrowLaw
Aymen ShakeelManagement
Lamyaa HanchaouiEuropean Institute
Holly BootmanSocial Policy
Shona CosgroveHealth Policy
Yusuf RafiqueManagement
Zoya ZiaSociology
Summer ElghawiInternational Relations
Habiba ElhawatiEconomics
Chathwari Thasanya EkanayakeAnthropology
Juhi ChanchalaniInternational Development
Saqib WaniSchool of Public Policy
Noor SandhuAccounting and Finance
Laura KingInternational History
Rahma ArifaSocial Policy
Elaine CampbellHealth Policy
Elisabeth ReinischPsychology and Behavioural Science
emily buttSociology
Martha ReidSocial Policy
Aeshna SarkarSchool of Public Policy
AlexSocial Policy
Ruwayda YahyaSocial Policy
Aliza MahmoodGeography and Environment
Hana KhanGeography and Environment
Sheherbano HanifInternational History
Marwar MohammoudLaw
Tegenn MenearLaw
Samaratul LinaAccounting and Finance
Angie AbdallaGovernment
Sophia Al-HadadLaw
Vanisha CunniahSociology
Patricia V. Valenzuela GuzmánEuropean Institute
Rabeeha FatimaLaw
Reshma HamidInternational Relations
Shakirat AliuGovernment
Tea VisnjicInternational Relations
Yalda GaforeLaw
Vaneeza JawadAnthropology
Marianne HiiPhilosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
Bareera BulloSocial Policy
Sadia SheerazSocial Policy
Saba VaziriLaw
Marcela JofreSociology
Khadija AkterGeography and Environment
Hannan NaveedStatistics
Eiman ShahinAnthropology
Sophie SchleiferGeography and Environment
Naji Zahi AwadAccounting
Sarah JabirInternational Development
Naomi WeilerInternational Relations
Martha ParenHealth Policy
Rina El-ShantiLaw
Anaëlle ThoreauGovernment
Lucy KnightGovernment
Evra MiccolisSocial Policy
Flora CooknellAnthropology
Meredith WarrenInternational Relations
Kira WilmotInternational relations
Anisha SehgalHealth Policy
Suchona RahmanEconomics
Lynne SakrGovernment
Tuva SaetherGovernment
Luke CrispSociology
Maha MaqsoodLaw
Muskaan RizviManagement
Heloisa Pinheiro de Castro SimãoLaw
Mofeeda Al AradiGovernment
Pauline ErtelGovernment
Nazia IsmailGovernment
Umeh JamiathLaw
Louise BeillardInternational Relations
Saskia SodenPhilosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
Maya Fawzigovernment
Billie PaulGovernment
Rita CarvalhoAnthropology
Mohannad AlShareefPublic policy
Sana ShahzadLaw
Leonie ZeunerAnthropology
Darya akhtariLaw
malak adel mohamed toshaniLaw
Alaa KrayemAnthropology
Nabila AhmedEconomics and Economic History
Natasha MenonEuropean Institute
Anna ShtyrbaGeography
Babette MaySociology
Borebardhe MazrekuManagement
Rose HollinsheadSociology
Anna KayaniGovernment
Ann KimInternational Relations
Francesca Di FazioMedia and Communications
Kaitlyn GreenHealth Policy
Joshua MonradHealth Policy
Khalifa AlkhalifaLaw
Oge ElumeluGovernment
Mustali JamaliAccounting
Rhea MisraAnthropology
Kowsar AhmedGovernment
Sarmad NasarullahGovernment
Eliana RadaelliAnthropology
Ranim TahaPsychology and Behavioural Science
Lindsey HighLaw
Krista BurtonGovernment
Luca FeroGovernment
Maryam ahmadHistory
Selina MourmouraLaw
Petra SzelesManagement
Arjun Singh GillLaw
Isabella SalkeldGeography and Environment
Samuel DixonInternational Relations
Thea BurguinManagement
Diego HernandezEuropean Institute
Pierce McFaddenLaw
Erik EncarnacaoLaw
Maria-Letizia Freiin von BibraInternational History
Faye MahonAnthropology
Kainat ShafiqInternational History
Olivia NantermozInternational Relations
Grace ProvenzanoEuropean Institute
Amera damelhanaEconomic History
Luke TaylorPhilosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
Toni ByfieldEconomics
Gabriela CabañaAnthropology
Matt ThompsonGender Studies
Jasmine LewisGender
Sankavee KarunakaranEconomics
Sandra Michelle VillamaguaEconomics
Gabbie SantosSociology
Alessia CalcabriniPsychology and Behavioural Science
Jonathan TerrefeGeography and Environment
Amitha KapyurHealth Policy
Uttishta JagannathanInternational Relations
Emilio RisoliInternational History
Abdur-Rahman CheemaEconomics
Chelsea AumaLaw
Artur DemkaEconomics
Amna BhattiGeography and Environment
Alisha MaGovernment
Meg StalhamStudent
AizaInternational History
Mariam TzannatosSocial Policy
Claire ChanLaw
Muhammad Raza RasoolEconomics
Madiha RashidPhilosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
Disha SharmaAnthropology
Libby CashInternational Relations
Georgia TownsendLanguage Centre
Nate McCarthyGeography and Environment
Grace MoGovernment
Naima ZamanSocial policy
Sarah ReelederGender
Mariella SteijgerGeography and Environment
Rebecca MorrishSociology
Ella DentonInternational History
Jess LomaxGovernment
Saptarshi BasakInternational History
Charlie ToGovernment
Darsh ParikhGovernment
M. Yorga PermanaGeography and Environment
Harri ComptonInternational History
Mia Travers-HaywardSociology
Emily VaughanSociology
Laura DoanovaGovernment
Ahmed ElsaddigStatistics
Chinia HutchinsonSociology
Anupama ShroffSchool of Public Policy
Sally JordanSchool of Public Policy
Sweta Annapa ReddyAccounting
Fouzia RahmanSociology
Rosa SoetGender
Sulakshi RatnayakeInternational History
Özgün AksakalSociology
Shania ChakraverttyLaw
Kasia MicklemInternational History
Sara ChowdhuryLaw
Haaris SaleemiStatistics
Heather FarleyGender Studies
Jane UrheimSchool of Public Policy
Basel mannaManagement
Osman ChoudhryEconomics
Zehra JafreeHistory
Hitha SanghiPsychology and Behavioural Science
Linda Lund PedersenSociology
Imtiyaaz AhmedInternational History
Tibor HeskettGovernment
Emma AndersonInternational Development
Joe StrongSocial Policy
Carly KrakowLaw
Fátima JerezGeneral Course
Alex GrosSchool of Public Policy
Allison RaygorSchool of Public Policy
Kelly ChikangaStatistics
Mahdieh NooriMathematics
Behram KhanLaw
Abdul SamadAccounting and Finance
Chloe LovatoMedia and Communications
Sunny SichiGeography and Environment
Sydney SopherGender
Yisrael ArthurAnthropology
Niamh HackettSociology
Katja OsterwalderInternational Development
Carla russoEuropean institute
Claudia ChenAnthropology
Francesca CaselliMedia and Communications
Caterina BiancoInternational Development
Arnaud de VogueGovernment
Gloria TergatSocial Policy
Caroline MaschkaGovernment
Taylor TeeMedia and Communications
Reza FelayatiMedia and Communications
Giuseppe Ascone ModicaEuropean Institute
Zayd AbediEconomic History
Hattie Forbes-RussellEconomic History
Marissa MaggioMedia and Communications
Doha ahmedSocial policy
Ihsan IslamEconomic History
Nada Aboul KheirMedia and Communications
Thomas Finn DoyleLaw
Elizabeth Tanya VaradarajuluManagement
Shukri MuhomedInternational Development
Kaniya AbubakarInternational Development
Sofia BurdettGovernment
Carla RainerGender
Rosie LatchfordInternational Relations
Andréa DelestradeEuropean Institute
Anna Giulia PonchiaInternational Development
Dash HowarthEconomics
Henry ArthurInternational Development
Asiya WeheliyeInternational History
Ella Roper-MarshallInternational History
Anissa DurajczykGovernment
Iman MohamedInternational Relations
Emma SoderqvistAnthropology
Lisa ErlandssonAnthropology
Valentina UccioliInternational Development
Aminah NihalInternational Relations
Daniela DuranGeography and Environment
Natalie ZakherInternational Development
Julia KuniewiczAnthropology
Netan YahuGovernment
Yasmina BurganMedia and Communications
Franklin Dawsonsociology
Muhammad Asyraf bin Muhammad Syahmi NaimAccounting
Amy ShawInternational Development
Daniel GoseeInternational Relations
Peter Farrell-VinayInternational history
Laura ZampiniInternational Relations
Kathryn LeachInternational Development
Henry HendersonGovernment
Laura LundahlEuropean Institute
Gabriela LimaGeography and Environment
Vishal KothariManagement
Ashwati NairInternational Development
Maja ShannonInternational Development
Mariam HasanInternational Relations
Kate McCabeSociology
Kyle ZarifInternational History
Mai AnwarSociology
Frankie ChappellInternational History
Thahmid RahimLaw
Diellza MuriqiGeneral Course
Tomas JaegerGovernment
Reem GoudaHealth Policy
Iulia Clara CirdanSociology
Shruti BalajiInternational Relations
Osama AhmedAccounting
Faiso KadiyeInternational Relations
Rumana AktherSocial Policy
Thonika SyedaSocial Policy
Robyn McAlpineGeography and Environment
Sarah DoyelEuropean Institute
Madison MiszewskiInternational Development
Helen MackreathSociology
Burak BarutGeography and Environment
Esmeralda AltmeyerGender
Greta KubiliuteSociology
Fatemazahra MohamedHealth Policy
Issam JamaleddineGeography and Environment
Karen Viktoria Akerø-StuelandSociology and Law
Charlie BatchelorInternational Development
Vibhuti VijayInternational Relations
Kate RosenstengelSociology
Najiha RahimEconomic History
Johanna Bretou-KleinInternational Development
Iris CominGender
Nina Binti Mohd ZukkiInternational Development
Prakash PandyaSchool of Public Policy
Bilal TalpurSchool of Public Policy
Patrick d’AlmeidaHealth Policy
Rachel BridgeHealth Policy
Anna MisraInternational History
Jonny HallInternational Relations
Amanda MartinezInternational Development
Anke de BoerGeography and Environment
Justine Ronis-Le MoalManagement
Aya WazazInternational Relations
Helya MoghadamGovernment
Arturo Manuel Gonzalez RosasAnthropology
Vikita DevchandLaw
Lala ZahabiSocial Policy
Fatimah AlliSociology
Uilliam Barrow-RetallackInternational Development
Sumrah AnwarInternational Relations and History
Gertrude LamareAnthropology
Lara SolimanDepartment of International Development
Omar Hammoud GallegoGovernment
Rosie HollinsheadSociology
Nadine GaffarInternational Development
Diana Carrillo SosaPsychology and Behavioral
Hibak M. YusufPBS
Mahia BashirInternational History

Alumni signatories (160)

Emma de CarvalhoSociology
Parker FoeMethodology
Pascale PeanHuman Rights
Maha BatranSocial Policy and Development
Noor HigleySocial Policy and Development
Shuprova TasneemSocial Policy
Priscila GonzalezSocial Policy
Esha SraboniInternational Development
Sabeen MahmoodSocial Policy
Mayowa OdusoteSocial policy
Mahira Husain KhanGender Institute
Maya FitchettInternational Relations
Holly HarwoodGovernment
Sarah KarimGeography
Ash Layo MasingSociology
Jenna RandslltGender Studies
Tasmiah T RahmanSocial Policy and Development
Parisa ShakurGender and Social Policy
Amina Alaoui SoulimaniSocial Anthropology
Valentina InsulzaSocial Policy
Hira SaleemSocial policy
Nikita PatodiaGender Institute
María José Guevara DuqueGender Institute
Valeria RomanoAnthropology
Laraib NiazInternational Development
Kapono AsuncionSociology
Lorna GreeneGender Institute
Caterina LamacchiaGender Institute
CindySocial Policy
Rasha NatourInternational Development
Vicky ArtazaGovernment Affairs
Therese CarlbrandGovernment
Margaux AuzanneauGovernment
Nidhi GuptaSocial Policy
Yasmine HamadallahGovernment
Florence PichonDevelopment Studies
Sameer RahmanEconomic History
Kazi Zeeshan HasanInformation Systems
Isabella CoinGeography
Isabella Di PaoloSchool of Public Policy
Megan Karlshoej-PedersenGovernment
Petros PetrikkosGovernment
Paola TenconiGovernment
Salma shawaInternational Relations
Diva ShahAlumni
Carol SilvaGovernment
Maryam SaadeGovernment
Finbar AndersonInternational History
Salma SaadeGeography and Environment
Zaynab OlyabekGovernment
Ana ZschoerperInternational Relations
Beyza KarakoyLaw
Andreas DemetriouGovernment
Mahrukh QazilbashSociology
Kayci PowellSociology
Pooja KulkarniPsychological and Behavioural Science
Allegra EneferLaw
Paromita BathijaGeography and Environment
Katie YatesSociology
Yusra UzairEuropean Institute
Harshita IyerEuropean Institute
Iran Seyed-RaeisySocial Psychology
Chiara ZazzarinoPsychology and Behavioural Science
Dalila MahdawiHuman Rights
Lisa ByersSocial and Cultural Psychology
Shehrbano HassanSociology
Kimberly SequeiraPsychology and Behavioural Science
Ikram HussainGovernment
Nahim AhadStatistics
Qais SafiAccounting
Joanna ZhaoSociology
Xiu Min LiSocial Policy
Ikramul HoqueAnthropology
Quynh Le VoInternational Relations
Margherita de CastroEuropean Institute
Noble Kofi NazzahInternational Development
Anais WalsdorfInternational History
Furkha JabeenMBA Marketing
Katie GaddiniGender Studies
Mahnoor WaqarLaw
Abida AlamInternational History
Jordan TurtonConflict Studies
Cristina Lopez IscoaGovernment
Chedine TaziGovernment
Chinyere OgbueSociology
Sangida KhanEconomics
Valentina ZagariaAnthropology
Nadine AlySociology
Priya RaghavanGender
Samer AbdelnourManagement
Tracy AliyudaGovernment
Moumen KuwaiderGeography
Erin MSocial Policy
Omar AhmedManagement
Graham RobertsonSociology
Zainab IkramEuropean Institute
Usman MasoodEconomic History
Andrea Soler EslavaGovernment
Haseeb QureshiSociology
Zainab JalalInternational History
Haya AlFarraGovernment
Daniel OledzkiGI
Isabella PojunerGovernment
Maheen ShoaibLaw
Anmol IrfanInternational History
Bahareh ValadbaigiUnknown
Birgan GokmenogluSociology
Jeanne FirthGeography and Environment
Dr Mara NogueiraGeography
Hibah RizkiStatistics
Reem Awny AbuziadSociology
Teeya ShahStatistics
Laura AntonaGeography and Environment
Rohma HabibLaw
María Luisa Quiñones GarcíaEuropean Institute
Maariyah KadiriInternational History
Jordana RamalhoGeography and Environment
Maryam ShirwaniInternational Relations
Natalia BuitronAnthropology
Michaela RaffertySociology
Kwang Lin WongAnthropology
Alma KaiserSociology
Caroline LinneyGeography and Environment
Katherine GallEuropean Institute
Magnus KorsaethLaw
Sarina KiayaniGovernment
Iona CableSociology
Nadia WeannaraEuropean Institute
Lorenzo VelottiAnthropology
Usman KhanGeography and Environment
Sariththira SelvakumarInternational Relations
Eloise ChandlerHuman Rights
Anna WolkenhauerInternational Development
Georgia GuirguisSociology
Via AbellanosaPsychology and Behavioural Science
Alejandro De CossSociology
Ayesha BurneyGovernment
Eric SaikaliSociology
Teja AleksandraviciuteSocial Policy
Tommaso GrossiSociology / International Inequality Institute
Khadeeja RashidInternational History
Dr Melissa Fernández ArrigoitiaSociology (lancaster)
Nina FuadInternational Relations
Catalina AmenabarSociology
Maite Bustamante de AlmenaraSociology
Amber WattMedia and Communications
Tarik Cyril AmarDepartment of History, Koc University
Parvathi MenonFaculty of Law
Daiyan KhanMathematics
Kiran PhullInternational Relations
Aashish YadavLaw
Lidia HelouInternational History
Juliette ChalantInternational History
Batoul Al MehdarSchool of Public Policy
Aditya IyerInternational History
Joey WGovernment

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