Thanks to everyone who participated in #DecolonisingLSE Week!

Monday 30th September – Friday 4th October 2019

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Please note: some locations have been updated. Locations posted here are the most up-to-date.

EVENTDateLocation Description
OPENING EVENT: Roundtable on ongoing decolonising work across LSEMONDAY
30 Sept.
PhD AcademyJoin us for a discussion bringing together people from across the university working on decolonisation projects!

Decolonising Library Collections: Towards inclusive collections policies
1 October
R01, Library (Lionel Robbins Building)Join the LSE Library to learn about the diversity and absences in LSE’s collections and to discuss where different viewpoints and voices are missing. We will reflect on the different initiatives of academic librarians in supporting decolonisation projects, discuss initial ideas for improvement, and develop recommendations for LSE Library’s collections. Contact Kevin ( for more details.
South-South itineraries: alternative routes for mutual learning between Latin America and Southeast Asia TUESDAY
1 October

This panel discussion is an interdisciplinary conversation on the potential of building itineraries of collaborative thinking between Southern contexts. This panel brings together scholars from Latin America and Southeast Asia whose research is rooted in theorising “from the South”, addressing the structural power inequalities of knowledge production that tend to exclude the contributions produced by scholars working “in the South”. The panel will emphasise such lost contributions with the aim of exploring potential alternative routes for mutual learning. Contact Alexander ( for more details. Event sponsored by the Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre.
Documentary screening and discussion of “Racism: A History”
1 October
OLD MG.01A VAR (Vera Anstey Room)The IR Student Collective presents a documentary screening of the BBC’s Racism: A History and discussion on racism in International Relations. Contact Andy ( for more details.

Towards a Decolonial Feminist Praxis: reflections on decolonising Gender Studies curricula
2 October
5.25 OLD (AGWR)This panel aims to raise and discuss some of the tensions, contradictions and challenges in efforts to practice decoloniality in Gender Studies. We ask: what does it mean to ‘decolonise’ a curriculum, and how does this interact with other critical feminist legacies of de-centering dominant forms of knowing? How do we work to undo and resist hegemonic feminism’s complicity in racist, classist and colonialist ventures from within the western academy? What are the dangers of claiming to ‘do’ decolonial work within such a setting? Event sponsored by the Department of Gender Studies. Contact Priya ( for more details.
In the Archives: Social Biology and Eugenics at LSE

3 October
Library Education RoomDiscussion on LSE’s historic relationship to eugenics: why a social biology department was set up at LSE and the influence of eugenic ideas through archive documents from the 1920s and 30s. Curator Indy Bhullar and Learning Officer Debbie Challis will be on hand to explain the history of the documents, their context and hear thoughts on them. Event sponsored by the LSE Library. Register here.
Representation and Indigeneity: Screening of Goldstone and discussion

THURSDAY 3 October
7.01A PELGoldstone grapples with the politics of representing the aboriginal peoples of Australia. The film will be followed by a discussion facilitated by Dr. Shakuntala Banaji and focus on the politics of representation when it comes to oppressed groups. Event sponsored by the Department of Media and Communications. Contact Sebastian ( for more details.
Documentary screening of I Am the Revolution and discussion on Rojava

THURSDAY 3 October 17:00-19:009.04 PANA film on feminist revolutions in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, challenging the images of veiled, silent and timid women. The film will be followed by a panel discussion. Sponsored by the Middle East Centre. More details here.
Activism at LSE – Panel and PresentationTHURSDAY
3 October
5.25 OLD (AGWR)Come along and meet some of the incredible activists at LSE who work hard to make a difference both locally and globally. As well as journalists, campaign consultants and local activists who will be sharing their experience. More details here. Sponsored by the LSE Students Union.
Reading group session on the book Asia as Method: Toward Deimperialization

4 October 16:00-17:30
3.14 STC
We will be reading Chapter 5 from Asia as Method: Toward Deimperilization, by Kuan-Hsing Chen: “Overcoming the Present Conditions of Knowledge Production.” Sponsored by the China Reading Group, an interdisciplinary group based at LSE that meets weekly to discuss artefacts related to China (in the broadest sense). Contact the organisers for more information and a copy of the text: Carwyn (
Thinking Around Borders: Teach-out at the LSE Globe
4 October
In front of the globeAn open-air public lecture from anthropologists reflecting on the impacts of state borders on ordinary people around the world, structural violence around borders, and what it means to depict borders in public spaces, sponsored by the Department of Anthropology.

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